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Every Monday we will be sharing with you one of the numerous recommendations, best practices and advises (“bites”) from the “Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0”.

The document was developed by SolarPower Europe with the contribution of Alectris. The “Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0” is a resourceful guide addressing the commercial and financial management of solar investments, balancing the risks, opportunities, costs, and performance benefits. The document aims to encourage asset managers to keep their services consistent and at the highest level.


Bite #11

9.2. Types of data collected through the Asset Management Platform

To ensure a full picture of the performance of a project, Asset Managers rely on several sources of data or information. For each source, it is important what data the Asset Managers are collecting, at what frequency and when. Beyond this, it is also important to understand the necessity and relevance of collecting and aggregating such data.

Data is analysed and collected to enable good decision-making. To do so consistently requires good quality and reliable data. Data reliability can be enhanced through a data cleansing and data quality checking process via external data analysis services, should this not be possible or covered in the O&M scope.

It is important that the Asset Management Platform can generate consolidated reports with much of the data (detailed in upcoming #AMBites). There are reports, for example technical reports, that are needed on Plant level, but some high-level reports, like financial statements, are needed both on Plant as well as Portfolio level.

The upcoming Asset Management Bites will detail the key types of data that an Asset Management Platform should have access to.

Download SolarPower Europe’s “Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0” here.


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