AssetManagementBites #14 from Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines

Apr 13, 2020

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Every Monday we will be sharing with you one of the numerous recommendations, best practices and advises (“bites”) from the “Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0”.

The document was developed by SolarPower Europe with the contribution of Alectris. The “Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0” is a resourceful guide addressing the commercial and financial management of solar investments, balancing the risks, opportunities, costs, and performance benefits. The document aims to encourage asset managers to keep their services consistent and at the highest level.

Bite #14



9.2.4. Contractual & Regulatory Data

Solar projects are usually constrained by several agreements and regulations. Asset Managers need to have all relevant information at their fingertips to be effective and efficient, as they are often responsible for the contractual administration and regulatory compliance of their projects.


Data related to contract management:

1.   Amendments

2.   Updates

3.   Renewals


This goes beyond simple contract administration and management to include:

1.   Legal compliance

2.   PPA administration with all that they entail (calculations, frequency, escalators, terms & conditions, etc.)

3.   Power Generation License

4.   Building & environmental permits

5.   Stakeholder engagement requirements

6.   And any other contractual requirements




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