AssetManagementBites #12 from Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines

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Every Monday we will be sharing with you one of the numerous recommendations, best practices and advises (“bites”) from the “Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0”.

The document was developed by SolarPower Europe with the contribution of Alectris. The “Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0” is a resourceful guide addressing the commercial and financial management of solar investments, balancing the risks, opportunities, costs, and performance benefits. The document aims to encourage asset managers to keep their services consistent and at the highest level.


Bite #12


9.2.1 & 9.2.2. Technical and Operational Data


The Asset Management Platform should provide access to Technical Data.


Technical data refers mostly to PV power plant data presented on the graphic below:

1. Raw data measurements: data obtained directly from the PV plant and used for performance calculation.
2. PV power plant KPIs using the raw data from the PV plant to give a more balanced overview of the operation of the PV plant.


The Asset Management Platform should also provide access to Operational Data.


Operational data goes beyond the technical data to encompass other relevant interpretations of the technical data as well as activities performed or logged by the O&M contractor:


  1. Alerts driven or identified by the monitoring systems.
  2. Decisions made by Technical Asset Managers based on alerts or technical data, including the overall timeliness of such decision or response.
  3. “On or Offsite” actions taken by the O&M contractor, including:
    • The overall timeliness of such decision or response (see 11.2. O&M Contractor KPIs of the O&M Best Practice Guidelines).
    • Warranty & Insurance information (if needed).
    • Spare parts used.
  4. Updated forecasts or performance projections.
  5. Records of maintenance, repairs and updates to the system.
  6. Compliance with technical permits or agreements (interconnection, water, environmental).


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