An interview with our Commercial Director on what the future holds

The Actis ERP brand has changed and with it there is a growing team and a new approach for Actis ERP moving forward, we asked Commercial Director Constantinos Peonides to discuss what the future holds.


  1. What changes are you making to the Actis brand?

We rebranded ACTIS to reflect what is about to come in renewable energy in the coming years the new era of renewables. We wanted to modernize the product in order to transform the way it is perceived, so that it is in tune with the evolution of the industry.

We are a relatively young but experienced and dynamic team of engineers that have built ACTIS to primarily meet our own needs. The fact that we are using ACTIS in our everyday operations speaks a lot about us and the product.

As already mentioned, there are a lot of new developments in the industry coming our way in the next few years. The exponential growth of renewables and the transition from a FIT driven to a free market will bring with it globalization, consolidation and a great need for digitalization. Our focus is to help customers achieve their growth plans in a seamless way, through the digitalization of their processes and through the centralization of their data.


  1. Why are you doing it?

With ACTIS we believe we offer a 360-degree solution to the industry. ACTIS can be used for monitoring, asset management, fleet management, costing, billing, project management and much more. It can even be utilized for business development, and for marketing activities. It seamlessly integrates with the office suite meaning that functionalities like tasks and tracking of communications can be done in outlook and are automatically synchronized in ACTIS and vice versa. All in all, ACTIS is a platform that meets all the requirements of the now but also for the future allowing for dispersed teams with different roles and functionalities within an organization to work together from wherever they are located.


  1. What are your plans for Actis ERP in 2021?

We have very recently set up a global control room from where we are monitoring and managing (through ACTIS) all the global renewable assets we are responsible for. Our responsibility in this case is to monitor and manage both the performance of the plants as well as the performance of their field technicians or subcontractors. This is something new for the industry and we believe that such services will add great value especially in geographical areas where expertise and knowledge of managing the operation of plants is still limited. Great emphasis has and will continue to be given in upgrading further the asset management and billing functionalities of the platform that we believe will play a vital role in the management of operations especially in developed areas like the USA, Europe  and parts of ASIA i.e. Japan.