Real-time Monitoring

Growing portfolio, increased number of monitoring solutions, increased headaches to standardize?

ACTIS centralizes the monitoring and alerting, and keeps track of all KPIs.

Consolidated monitoring is now made easy for you with ACTIS. Portfolio level, SPV level, plant level, all there under one roof. Contractual, financial or customer specific KPIs all readily available at your fingertips.

Real-time Monitoring

ACTIS provides you real-time monitoring and standardized alerting that allow fast reactions and standardization of operational procedures. 

Data Collection and Centralization

By centralizing and standardizing data with ACTIS, you avoid mistakes, you have a clear overview of your portfolio and you achieve greater and substantial productivity for your team.

Data in the cloud

With ACTIS you can arrange data in prescribed customized formats and store it in the cloud to be accessible anytime/anywhere.

Data Analysis

ACTIS helps you analyse your data depending on the monitored parameters and frequency of the monitoring.

Powerful Reports

ACTIS generates for you the analysis reports on KPI’s that highlight the reasons for underperformance so that your team can explore different options for improving performance.

Customization of reports

Customize with ACTIS your reports in a way that it better serves your needs and requirements and help your team to make the right business decisions – every time – all the time.

The ACTIS Platform

Technical / Operational / Financial Reporting

Create meaningful reports with data across all ACTIS modules

Service Management

Keep your crew dispatching and reporting under control

Real-time Monitoring

State-of-the-art monitoring and alerting capabilities

Technical Asset Management

Manage risk and increase performance of your assets

Financial Asset Management

Predict and compare actual financial data with your budget

PPA Billing

Automate your PPA billing and keep all data at your fingertips

Cost Management

Keep all your costs accurately tracked and billed accordingly

Project Management

Develop and significantly improve your assets’ performance and revenues

Sales and Marketing

Manage seamlessly your relationships with clients, marketing campaigns and related costs

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ACTIS - Renewables’ Enterprise Resources Planning Platform