Service Management

Is your portfolio growing too fast to catch up?

As your portfolio becomes more complex and harder to manage, ACTIS ERP software effectively and efficiently helps you deal with these complexities while reducing your costs.

No matter the size of your portfolio (residential, commercial, utility-scale), ACTIS ERP software helps you manage all your assets through a single platform – anywhere and everywhere. Within the Service Module you can manage all field related activities with the click of a button, because everything in ACTIS ERP software is fully integrated.

Accounts & Contact Management

As your portfolio grows, so does the number of associated accounts and contacts. Never miss a contact again – In ACTIS ERP software you can easily link various accounts and contacts to individual assets, SPVs or to the entire portfolio for ease of access and for keeping track of all associated communication.

Incident handling & Management


  • Customer alerting
  • Enhanced alerting

Incidents Handling

  • Ticketing (workorders)
  • Dispatching
  • Response time
  • Resolution time

Incidents Management

  • Impact analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Cost management & approval workflow
  • Automatic customer notification


  • Consolidated
  • Detailed
  • Customized

Ticketing (Workorder) Management

Fully customizable workorders can automatically be sent to subcontractors and technicians once an alarm has been triggered and an incident created. Workorders include all the RIGHT data fields and information that you would like your technicians and subcontractors to fill in, depending on the type of the asset, so that you can have the RIGHT automated reporting at the RIGHT time to make the RIGHT business decisions. Workorder fields include but not limited to response time, estimated arrival time, resolution time, travel time, associated cost, spare parts usage and many more.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are of the utmost importance to all of us. We sometimes forget to pay the necessary attention to it though. ACTIS ERP software makes sure that we never forget.

Training & Certifications

Never forget an upcoming training! Never waste time to find a required certificate. Let ACTIS ERP software manage this for you – reminding you for upcoming training sessions, scheduling training sessions and keeping all certifications safe for you to access at any time when you may require them.

Contract administration and Compliance

So many contracts, so many milestones, so many deadlines, so many people involved… O&M providers, EPCs, Asset Managers, just to mention a few. ACTIS ERP software helps you keep track of all these people’s activities, tasks, contracts and costs wherever they are and whatever their role is within or outside your organization. As with accounts and contacts, assets, SPVs or your entire portfolio can also be associated with various contracts thus simplifying the way your team manages contract compliance, tracking of contract line items and cost of activities that are out of scope.

Spare parts and warranties management

As an owner or asset manager of a single plant, we bet you have never thought spare parts and warranties management will ever be a problem for you. Now that your portfolio has grown both in numbers and in geography, you realize that this can be a major challenge. No need to worry – with ACTIS ERP software you can make sure that you are never out-of-stock of any of your spare parts and always be up-to-date with the warranties’ statuses.

The functionalities of ACTIS ERP Software

Technical / Operational / Financial Reporting

Create meaningful reports with data across all ACTIS ERP modules

Service Management

Keep your crew dispatching and reporting under control

Real-time Monitoring

State-of-the-art monitoring and alerting capabilities

Technical Asset Management

Manage risk and increase performance of your assets

Financial Asset Management

Predict and compare actual financial data with your budget

PPA Billing

Automate your PPA billing and keep all data at your fingertips

Cost Management

Keep all your costs accurately tracked and billed accordingly

Project Management

Develop and significantly improve your assets’ performance and revenues

Sales and Marketing

Manage seamlessly your relationships with clients, marketing campaigns and related costs

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