Technical / Operational / Financial Reporting

One of the biggest challenges we face as an industry is the consolidation of all data

ACTIS ERP software allows for the consolidation of technical, operational and financial data into meaningful reports that help you make the RIGHT business decisions.

Most companies have their own reporting templates they use or would like to use, but the effort needed is uneconomical to produce multipage and complex, consolidated reporting. Consolidated reporting is at the heart of ACTIS ERP software. With ACTIS ERP you can easily customize and consolidate all your data into meaningful reports with literally a click of a button, and which you can then easily export, download and share. See a case study of a customer using ACTIS ERP software to learn what efficiency improvements have been achieved with the ACTIS ERP reporting capabilities. The case study is available to download at the bottom of this page.

Financial reporting

Say goodbye to DOUBLE HANDLING – Profit & Loss Statements, balance sheets, cashflow statements, consolidated account reporting… Just name it – all available and generated through ACTIS ERP software and fully integrated with third-party accounting platforms to avoid double handling.

Technical reporting

In-depth technical analysis on all data collected from the plants at your fingertips, daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly.

Operational Reporting

Reporting does not end with technical reporting. As your portfolios grow larger the more necessary it is to have clear visibility and correct reporting related to operations. In ACTIS ERP software you can track all your operational activities that can be transformed into meaningful reports and can easily be exported and shared automatically with various stakeholders.

The functionalities of ACTIS ERP Software

Technical / Operational / Financial Reporting

Create meaningful reports with data across all ACTIS ERP modules

Service Management

Keep your crew dispatching and reporting under control

Real-time Monitoring

State-of-the-art monitoring and alerting capabilities

Technical Asset Management

Manage risk and increase performance of your assets

Financial Asset Management

Predict and compare actual financial data with your budget

PPA Billing

Automate your PPA billing and keep all data at your fingertips

Cost Management

Keep all your costs accurately tracked and billed accordingly

Project Management

Develop and significantly improve your assets’ performance and revenues

Sales and Marketing

Manage seamlessly your relationships with clients, marketing campaigns and related costs

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