The ERP Platform for Renewables

Introduction to Actis ERP.

ACTIS ERP is a unique, innovative renewables Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform dedicated to empowering owners and stakeholders of renewable energy assets, including asset managers and O&M service providers, with full control of their portfolios through our award-winning, one-stop solution. We manage the commercial, financial, operational and technical aspects of your portfolio to ensure you derive maximum value and efficiency. ACTIS ERP provides comprehensive and integrated real-time monitoring, service management, asset management, PPA Billing, project management and many more tools.

Technical / Operational / Financial Reporting


Create meaningful reports with data across all ACTIS ERP modules.


Service Management


Keep your crew dispatching and reporting under control.


Real-Time Monitoring


State-of-the-art monitoring and alerting capabilities.


Technical Asset Management


Manage risk and increase the performance of your assets.


Financial Asset Management


Predict and compare actual financial data with your budget.


PPA Billing


Automate your PPA billing and keep all data at your fingertips.


Cost Management


Keep all your costs accurately tracked and billed accordingly.


Project Management


Develop and significantly improve your assets’ performance and revenues.


Sales and Marketing


Manage seamlessly your relationships with clients, marketing campaigns and related costs.



ACTIS ERP software helps you achieve the maximum performance of your assets by streamlining operations and consolidating Technical, Operational and Financial Reporting, increasing efficiency and reducing your costs.

actis erp
software benefits.


Automating daily tasks ranging from technical, financial, commercial management to procurement, health & safety, contractual framework and automatic KPI calculations, saving tons of productive time for you and your team.

Developers / IPPs /
Investors / Owners

Centralized and customized technical, financial and operational reporting of your whole portfolio under one roof at your fingertips with the click of a button.


Digitizing and centralizing all of your operations and workflows, either being carried in-house or outsourced, under one roof, therefore, minimizing service costs but at the same time maximizing revenue.



ACTIS ERP Updates and Integrations

ACTIS ERP Updates and Integrations  ACTIS ERP software stands as the pioneering ERP solution specifically designed for Renewable assets. With the aim of enhancing the management of your renewable asset portfolio, ACTIS ERP seamlessly amalgamates all pertinent...

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