Technical Asset Management.


Modern renewable energy producers face many challenges: increased regulatory commitments, increased number of vendors and subcontractors.
ACTIS ERP software helps you manage increased complexity of widely dispersed portfolios, taxes & audits, reporting & regulatory management, risk management – the list can go on and on. Your asset managers don’t need to stress anymore. In ACTIS ERP everything is interconnected, interrelated and can be managed remotely and on the go.


Accounts & Contact Management

As your portfolio grows, so does the number of associated accounts and contacts. Never miss a contact again – in ACTIS ERP software you can easily link various accounts and contacts to individual assets. SPVs or to the entire portfolio for ease of access and for keeping track of all associated communication.

Asset – SPV – Pool – Portfolio Hierarchy

Easily and swiftly change between different views – Asset, SPV, Pool Portfolio level and create meaningful reports.

Contract administration and Compliance

So many contracts, so many milestones, so many deadlines, so many people involved. O&M providers, EPCs, Asset Managers, just to mention a few. ACTIS ERP software helps you keep track of all these people’s activities, tasks, contracts and costs wherever they are and whatever their role is within or outside your organization. As with accounts and contacts, assets, SPVs or your entire portfolio can also be associated with various contracts thus simplifying the way your team manages contract compliance, tracking of contract line items and cost of activities that are out of scope.

Warranties Management

Manage your warranties and warranties extensions through ACTIS ERP – never miss a deadline, keep track of all your communication and easily associate each process with any equipment in your portfolio.


Working on different assets, SPVs, portfolios, clients? Do you want to compare what you are charging vs what is it actually costing you? Do you just want to measure the efficiency of your team? ACTIS ERP has all the answers for you: advanced and easy to use, drag and drop, scheduler to allocate and manage the time you spend on each client. With predefined user categories and subcategories, you can track and have an instant overview of how time is spent. Fully integrated with the Cost Management module and external third- party accounting platforms, it allows for easy and quick billing.

Technical / Operational / Financial Reporting


Create meaningful reports with data across all ACTIS ERP modules.


Service Management


Keep your crew dispatching and reporting under control.


Real-Time Monitoring


State-of-the-art monitoring and alerting capabilities.


Technical Asset Management


Manage risk and increase the performance of your assets.


Financial Asset Management


Predict and compare actual financial data with your budget.


PPA Billing


Automate your PPA billing and keep all data at your fingertips.


Cost Management


Keep all your costs accurately tracked and billed accordingly.


Project Management


Develop and significantly improve your assets’ performance and revenues.


Sales and Marketing


Manage seamlessly your relationships with clients, marketing campaigns and related costs.


Actis ERP