ACTIS ERP software: the world’s first Renewables Energy one-stop ERP since 2012.

Developed and built by on the job engineers and technicians to meet their own needs and requirements.

Evolving constantly to meet the challenges of real-life modern clients face.

Adapting continually to the dynamic global market.

Setting market trends.

Streamlining business processes and turning data into successful business decisions.


Actis ERP

Technical / Operational / Financial Reporting

One of the biggest challenges we face as an industry is the consolidation of all data. ACTIS ERP software allows for the consolidation of technical, operational and financial data into meaningful reports that help you make the RIGHT business decisions.

Most companies have their own reporting templates they use or would like to use, but the effort needed is uneconomical to produce multipage and complex, consolidated reporting.

Service Management

Is your portfolio growing too fast to catch up? As your portfolio becomes more complex and harder to manage, ACTIS ERP software effectively and efficiently helps you deal with these complexities while reducing your costs. No matter the size of your portfolio (residential, commercial, utility-scale), ACTIS ERP software helps you manage all your assets.

We are here to help you manage your assets and your entire portfolio through a single platform – anywhere and everywhere.

Real-time Monitoring

Growing portfolio, increased number of monitoring solutions, increased headaches to standardize? ACTIS ERP software centralizes the monitoring and alerting, and keeps track of all KPIs.

Consolidated monitoring is now made easy for you with ACTIS ERP software. Portfolio level, SPV level, plant level, all there under one roof. Contractual, financial or customer-specific KPIs all readily available at your fingertips.

Technical Asset Management

Modern renewable energy producers face many challenges, like increased regulatory commitments, increased number of vendors and subcontractors.

ACTIS ERP software helps you manage the increased complexity of widely dispersed portfolios, taxes & audits, reporting & regulatory management, risk management – the list can go on and on. Your asset managers don’t need to stress anymore. In ACTIS ERP software everything is interconnected, interrelated and can be managed remotely and on the go.

Financial Asset Management

Asset Management is not only technical these days. It much relates to the financial performance and financial management of your renewables’ assets.

Financial data management for the whole lifecycle of your renewables’ asset; from the development through to and including the operational phase, with tracking of financial transactions and associating them with contracts, contacts, PPAs, service and incident costs, loans etc. is what ACTIS ERP software can do for you.

PPA Billing

Generating invoices from complex and very different PPAs can be very tedious. ACTIS ERP software manages the complexity of invoicing so you can get paid, the right amount at the right time.

Your team can be relieved from this time-consuming process with the help of ACTIS ERP software. PPA billing has never been so quick and customizable with automatic status tracking, it allows your team members to concentrate and allocate their time on more value-added processes.

Cost Management

Are you still puzzled and wondering how to manage and control the cost of all your activities? Let ACTIS ERP software help you out.

With ACTIS ERP software gathering all costs arising from invoicing, the Service Management, Asset Management, Project Management modules, etc. and by fully integrating with accounting ERPs with its predefined and customizable workflows for the different roles of your team members, you can be sure that you will always up-to-date with the payment status and never miss a payment, be it incoming or outgoing, for any expense related to any activity.

Project Management

Organize your tasks and manage your projects using ACTIS ERP software. Breakaway from endless lists of paper and excel sheets.

Customize your dashboard with what is important for you based on your job responsibilities. Create project plans online so that everyone can see them and be a party to. Empower your team with easy task management for all their projects. They can see which tasks they need to do today on their own personal task lists, even if you have them assigned to multiple projects at one time.

Sales and Marketing

Utilities are not the only buyers of energy nowadays. P2P and B2B models are gaining more and more ground. Identifying these customers at the right time is paramount.

Business development, marketing campaigns and activities, building relationships and selling are power-draining procedures on their own, let alone having to remember all your leads and open opportunities and what you discussed with them during your last call. Within ACTIS ERP software you can perform all your Sales and Marketing activities with the power of MS Dynamics 365.