For O&M Service Providers.

ACTIS ERP software centralizes, standardizes and digitizes your data under one roof, unlocking your capabilities and efficiencies, and helping you focus on the strategic growth of your business.

How can ACTIS ERP Help.

Be competitive

O&M margins are getting thinner and thinner… O&M service providers need to adapt, evolve and react to stay competitive. Let ACTIS ERP software help you stay competitive – ahead of your competition. Optimize and manage your renewable assets effectively. Eliminate plant downtime.

In-depth insight

Monitor the performance of your subcontractors remotely. Track and measure the costs of your activities and compare these costs with what you have agreed in your contracts.

Centralized platform for all your contracts

Let ACTIS help you manage all (development, construction, operational) phases of your renewable assets making sure that your investments are managed and running smoothly. Operational, technical and financial reporting all in one place – integrated and consolidated for full transparency and clarity.


Seamless service management

  • Accounts & Contacts management
  • Integration with third-party monitoring systems
  • Asset Registry down to the individual panel level
  • O&M Contact compliance
  • Incident management
  • Field Activities
  • Subcontractor management
  • Service Cost and Contract tracking

Enhanced tracking and alerting

  • Warranty Management
  • Technician Availability Schedule and Overtime tracking
  • Centralized alerting – monitoring system agnostic
  • Spare Parts management tracking inventories, consumption and replenishment

Full control and supervision of your operations

  • Health & Safety compliance tracking
  • Training and skillset management of field technicians
  • Managing costs and A/P invoices from vendors/contractors
  • Issuing Quotes and tracking approvals for corrective or extraordinary maintenance

ACTIS ERP software – your powerful solution

  • Document Management
  • Communications tracking from within MS Outlook
  • KPI Reporting including contractual exclusions

Make your life easier with ACTIS ERP software.