For Developers, IPPs, Investors.

ACTIS ERP software centralizes, standardizes and digitizes your data under one roof, unlocking your capabilities and efficiencies, and helping you focus on the strategic growth of your business.

How can ACTIS ERP Help.

Make profitable business decisions with ACTIS ERP software

Contemplating on investing in a new project? In the process of developing one? Or have you already made that decision? With ACTIS ERP software you are rest assured that your investments are in good hands – all information is there for you to help you make sound and profitable business decisions.

Manage smoothly your investments

Let ACTIS ERP software help you manage all (development, construction, operational) phases of your renewable assets making sure that your investments are managed and running smoothly.

Everything in one place

Operational, technical and financial reporting all in one place – integrated and consolidated for full transparency and clarity.


Seamless management

  • Accounts & Contacts management
  • Integrated Financial and Operational Reports
  • Contracts management (Lease, Insurance, O&M etc.)
  • Asset Registry down to the individual panel level

Simple and easy administration

  • Budget administration
  • Business Model / Base case scenarios
  • Loans administration
  • Financial Transactions

Full control of your finances

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • PPA Administration and configuration
  • Hourly Electricity rates
  • Financial reporting configuration, SPV or Portfolio consolidation (P&L, Cash Flow, Budget, Balance Sheet)

ACTIS ERP software – your state-of-the-art solution

  • Integrations with third-party accounting and ERP systems
  • Document Management
  • KPI Reporting including contractual exclusions

Make your life easier with ACTIS ERP software.