ACTIS ERP software is the world’s first ERP for Renewables’ assets. ACTIS ERP was built to help manage your renewable assets portfolio smarter and more efficiently by integrating all information and business processes in one software.

ACTIS ERP goes way beyond any isolated solution for centralized monitoring, ticketing and asset management allowing for:

Easy collaboration between cross-functional teams
Inside the organization as well as with third-parties hence streamlining operations.

Standardization of business processes
Hugely increasing efficiencies and compliance and data quality and consistency.

Centralizing data and information
Whether this relates to monitoring data or information generated through the business processes, serving as “The single source of truth for your renewable assets”.

Enhanced multilayer and in-depth reporting
By combining information from all sources. Even multi-page reports containing. amongst others. monitoring. asset management and financial information are generated literally with a click of a button.

Immediate access to essential information for all team members.
Regardless if this relates to monitoring, technical, operational or financial aspects. At the same time, role-based security ensures that everyone has access to the right information.

Being based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
ACTIS ERP intuitive and MS Office – like user interface. is easily adopted by end users minimizing any transition for third-party systems and eliminating migration headaches.

Actis ERP.


Solar + Power Solar PV O&M 2017 Award

Silver designation in the Facilities Management Award 2015 competition

Bronze designation in the Facilities Management Award 2014 competition


Led By

ACTIS ERP development team is led by engineers with real-life and hands-on experience providing services for renewable assets with a history dating back to 2011.


Multi-Energy – Connect any renewable energy source

One system for all – Acquire data from any data acquisition systems or monitoring platforms

Adaptable for: EPCs. IPPs. Developers. Asset Managers. O&.M

Service Providers

Saas & Cloud – Available anytime


Fast Setup

Delivered turnkey

Regular updates & new features

Secure & Reliable – 99.5% availability

Easily Scalable

High data volume processing Fast and Cost-effective

No hardware replacement cost


ACTIS ERP is a pure Saas (Software as a Service) solution that works with any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer etc.) on your PC, Mac or any mobile device

ACTIS ERP software is based on Microsoft’s flagship Dynamics 365 and Logi Analytics platforms hence leveraging on the capabilities from both, offering an MS Office familiar and intuitive user interface and the powerful features of a Bl platform.

ACTIS ERP software can interact and exchange data with all kind of third-party software systems with industry-standard protocols. We have so far integrated with Monitoring platforms, Accounting software, SCADA systems, ERP software, Various internet services (weather forecast and actual data, hourly electricity prices etc.).

software benefits.


Automating daily tasks ranging from technical, financial, commercial management to procurement, health & safety, contractual framework and automatic KPI calculations, saving tons of productive time for you and your team.

Developers / IPPs /
Investors / Owners

Centralized and customized technical, financial and operational reporting of your whole portfolio under one roof at your fingertips with the click of a button.


Digitizing and centralizing all of your operations and workflows, either being carried in-house or outsourced, under one roof, therefore, minimizing service costs but at the same time maximizing revenue.