ACTIS in the Cloud.

ACTIS ERP is a pure SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that works with any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer etc) on your PC, Mac or any mobile device. ACTIS ERP software is based on Microsoft’s flagship Dynamics 365 and Logi Analytics platforms hence leveraging on the capabilities from both, offering an MS Office familiar and intuitive user interface and the powerful features of a BI platform.

What is ACTIS ERP software.


Since it is based on evolved and industry-standard platforms, ACTIS ERP security relies on the underlying, high-end security features of Microsoft.

It is hosted in an ISO 27001 data center ensuring maximum protection for sensitive and confidential information. In fact, we set up a new instance and database for every individual client keeping the data on a separate database, isolated from the rest of the data.

Access &

Access details and internet address is specific to the client; clients can access the system through a dedicated URL containing, for example, their company name. On top of that, the interface can be configured to show the client’s logo for better branding.

Interoperability &

ACTIS ERP software can interact and exchange data with all kind of third-party software systems with industry-standard protocols. We have so far integrated with:

  • Monitoring platforms
  • Accounting software
  • SCADA systems
  • ERP software
  • Various internet services (weather forecast and actual data, hourly electricity prices etc)