What is a Renewables’ ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a very well-known term in most mature industries. ERP is software that integrates business processes inside an organization allowing for transparency, reducing complexity and ensuring consistency of information and data. Typically, ERP systems are used by multiple team members and cross-functional teams allowing for easy and efficient collaboration and information exchange. A Renewables’ ERP is customized and dedicated to meet the needs and requirements of the renewable industry.

Apart from being a tool for individual team members to accomplish day-to-day tasks more efficiently, it is also an indispensable tool for senior management to gain deep insights of the business by producing complex, detailed and accurate reports for all aspects of the organization.

Is ACTIS ERP software an ERP for renewables or an asset management software?

Users new to the ACTIS ERP software name it in different ways: solar/wind/renewables ERP, asset management software, ERP/solar/wind platform, system… Why is that? ACTIS ERP software combines in one single platform numerous functionalities, therefore it fits the category of both: ERP and asset management software. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) means that this software offers the integrated management of main business processes, in real-time and mediated by technology (operations like cost management, reporting, project management). On another hand, asset management software records and tracks an asset throughout its life cycle. So, this software applies directly to the management of your solar or wind portfolio (monitoring, reporting, financial and technical asset management).    

ACTIS ERP software offers all these features, therefore, it causes this discrepancy in naming. We officially call ACTIS ERP “The world’s first Renewable Energy ERP”. 

Why do I need an ERP for my renewables?

The dynamically growing market for renewables urges us to become more competitive in terms of how we manage and maintain our renewables assets. We need to make our operations leaner, more efficient, effective and transparent. Clients’ expectations are increasing and to meet these expectations you need the help of technology – like an ERP specifically developed for renewables. It unlocks extensive capabilities that lead to streamlining operations and consolidating and centralizing data. Such an ERP provides a comprehensive and integrated tray of business operations (from Asset Management, through Monitoring, Reporting to PPA Billing) making your life easier, automating for you most of the manual processes that decreases costs and keeps your team working efficiently. 

How can I benefit from ACTIS ERP software?

The renewables market has evolved a lot over the last several years. Cost competitiveness is becoming an important key to success, which is achieved by scaling either through organic growth or through mergers and acquisitions. This fast growth comes with certain challenges though, one of them being to manage the complexity of operations and reporting while the team is growing both numerically and geographically.

Which renewables are covered by ACTIS ERP software?

We are committed to following the industry trends as the market evolves. Currently solar and wind are supported in ACTIS ERP software and in the process of adding new renewable sources and storage soon.

What operations can ACTIS ERP software integrate into a single platform?

ACTIS ERP software integrates business operations and business processes, like Technical / Operational / Financial Reporting, Service Management, Real-time Monitoring, Technical Asset Management, Financial Asset Management, PPA Billing, Cost Management, Project Management, Sales and Marketing. ACTIS ERP software is continuously being developed so new features are added on a regular basis. Contact us to discuss in detail the integration of your business operations. 

What distinguishes ACTIS EPR software from other platforms for renewables?
  • ACTIS ERP software is the only software dedicated to renewables with such comprehensive features covering all needs for operating renewable assets
  • ACTIS ERP software has an intuitive user-friendly interface allowing for easy adoption, it is based on Microsoft’s flagship platform Dynamics 365
  • It is the oldest and most mature software platform of its kind, being developed by an in-house team since 2011
  • ACTIS ERP software was developed by people who are actively involved in utilising capabilities and understand the needs more clearly than a pure software company
Which stakeholders can benefit from ACTIS ERP software?

Anyone who is part of the operations and management of renewable assets can use ACTIS ERP software:

ACTIS ERP software capabilities and features help all stakeholders, namely investors, Asset Managers, O&M service providers, subcontractors, during all stages of the lifecycle of a renewable asset (development, construction, operation) to manage efficiently and effectively their assets through a single platform.

What are the outcomes (exact statistics) of increased efficiencies for business operations for the ACTIS ERP software users?

The results can differ depending on the nature of your business and the complexity of your operations. Also, the outcomes are subject to your choice of implemented functionalities of ACTIS ERP software. The case study of Nautilus powered by ACTIS ERP provides the following results and numbers: 

  • Increased operational efficiencies for monitoring by consolidating monitoring and operations data in one platform, decreasing the time spent so far by 29% 
  • Increased reporting efficiencies by consolidating and data and information in one single platform, by decreasing the time spent so far by 77% 
  • Streamlined business processes; all team members engaged on the same platform 
  • Automated Community Solar PPA billing, dispatching invoices directly to the customers from the application 
  • All project costs are now accurately tracked and billed accordingly 
I need only a subset of ACTIS ERP features. Is ACTIS ERP software still suitable for me?

Of course. Many ACTIS ERP software customers use only a part of the features provided in the platform. ACTIS ERP software is a long-term investment: Regardless of what your current needs are, you will most probably have additional ones in the future.

ACTIS ERP software is such a comprehensive platform that you will almost certainly need to use more features as your business grows saving you the pains of transition and integration with additional platforms

Can ACTIS ERP integrate with my existing software systems?

ACTIS ERP software is an open system and can be integrated with any third-party system as long as we can access your data. We have so far integrated with tens of third-party platforms such as monitoring systems, accounting software, weather forecast providers, hourly electricity prices as well as other internet services.

How easily can I transition from my existing platform(s) to ACTIS ERP software?

Implementation and/or transitioning cost into a new software platform is probably the single most important decision criterion, in many cases even more important than the licensing pricing itself.

The ACTIS ERP team of developers and engineers carry a lot of experience with such projects. Our goal is to make the implementation and/or transition process hassle-free with minimum involvement from the customer. We will do everything for you from importing historical data, validating such data against your existing platforms, generate and fine-tune reporting, and do all the necessary QC before releasing it to you.

My business processes are unique and specific to my business. How can ACTIS ERP software support me?

Every organization is unique and from our experience, every customer needs to operate in their own, unique way. Even though ACTIS ERP software comes along with some standard, out-of-the-box processes, each customer needs to have smaller or bigger variations thereof.

ACTIS ERP software is based on the Dynamics365 platform from Microsoft, which provides unparalleled flexibility in configuring web forms, workflows, and business processes extremely easily and fast. Fine-tuning such processes is a common part of the implementation process.

I have a very mixed portfolio with residential, C&I and utility scale assets. How can ACTIS ERP software support that?

The requirements of information and data collection varies based on the size and the kind of the asset. For example, for residential assets you only need to have simple and essential information whereas for utility scale you need more detailed and complex information. Alerting, incident handling and reporting requirements are quite different as well. With its enhanced alerting system, customized incident handling and tailored workflow procedures ACTIS ERP software can handle all kinds, sizes and types of portfolios, even mixed ones. The security model of ACTIS ERP software is designed in such a way that individual users have access to reports, web forms and processes specific to their role. For example, if you are managing residential together with utility scale assets, the team managing residential will access only simplified forms and different reports in the system, while all information for the whole portfolio is stored in one single database.

Can my field technicians use ACTIS ERP software on the go?

Definitely! Field technicians can receive, populate, save and return workorders and work forms on the go. This means one less headache for your administrators – no double input.

Is it hard to learn how to use ACTIS ERP software?

ACTIS ERP software is very intuitive in use. You are probably using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, including MS Office at work? ACTIS ERP software is based on this platform and offers a familiar user interface and features. Therefore, the learning process of how to navigate through ACTIS ERP software is very quick, pleasant and simple. Nevertheless, the ACTIS ERP team is here to provide you with the relevant training and be of assistance if needed. 

How can I request a demo?

Click the button “REQUEST DEMO”, fill the short contact form and leave all the rest to us.

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