Download SolarPower Europe’s O&M and Asset Management Best Practices

Dec 9, 2019

On the 5th December at O&M and Asset Management Conference in London, SolarPower Europe’s O&M and Asset Management Task Force launched 2 documents, ‘Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0’ and O&M Best Practice Guidelines Version 4.0


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Alectris on behalf of Constantinos Peonides, Director and Vassilis Papaeconomou, Managing Director, joined the event in London where SolarPower Europe’s documents were presented for the first time. Alectris, as a member of SolarPower Europe with Constantinos, as the Vice-Chair of the O&M Task Force, contributed to the development of of both documents.


The ‘Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0’ and ‘O&M Best Practice Guidelines Version 4.0’ aim to standardize procedures of O&M and Asset Management operations and optimize the performance of solar plants globally. 


The solar sector is globalized and decentralized, therefore the definition of a worldwide standard becomes the foundation to keep O&M and asset management practices consistent and at a high-level. 


During the event the Solar Best Practices Mark, a self-assessed quality certification created by SolarPower Europe to distinguish leading companies for their excellent Solar Monitoring, was also launched. The label provides more transparency in the solar market, drive up standards and strengthen the commitment of companies to always deliver high-level monitoring.  


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Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0

The ‘Solar Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0’ is a resourceful guide addressing the commercial and financial management of solar investments, balancing the risks, opportunities, costs, and performance benefits.

From the foreword from the document:
“With the professionalisation and globalisation of solar investors and investment portfolios, service quality expectations have been rising steadily, putting increasing requirements on Asset Managers, who are expected to continuously improve the return on investment via various processes including revenue optimisation, cost reduction, financial restructuring, contractual renegotiation and technology adaptation. To achieve this, Asset Managers are increasingly expected to transition from simple tools such as self-made spreadsheets to advanced digital Asset Management platforms, which enable efficient and effective management of wide and diverse solar portfolios”. 

O&M Best Practice Guidelines Version 4.0

The ‘O&M Best Practice Guidelines Version 4.0’ includes updated information and practices related to prompt development of the PV industry and covering cybersecurity requirements and new field inspection techniques (fluorescence imaging and magnetic field imaging).


Constantinos Peonides, Director of Business Development at Alectris and Vice-Chair of the Task Force said: “Since its inception in 2016, the O&M Best Practice Guidelines have evolved into a comprehensive document, with each new version adapted to the latest market trends, needs and requirements. The fourth edition is a testament to our commitment in promoting, standardising, and improving the quality of services.”