PV Tech Article: O&M and Asset Management 2.0: optimising the sector through digitalisation

The “O&M and Asset Management 2.0: optimising the sector through digitalisation” is the technical article published in the latest edition of PV Tech Power magazine. Constantinos Peonides, Director of Alectris, Vice-Chair of SolarPower Europe’s O&M and Asset Management Task Force, and an active participant in the Digitalisation and Emerging Markets Task Forces, contributed to the development of the paper.


The article elaborates on the digital innovations that help advance the deployment of solar energy in Europe and beyond. The newest digital trends are revolutionizing Operations and Maintenance and Asset Management by optimizing processes, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency and effectiveness of PV power plants.


“In a post-subsidy era and as assets increase in size, pressure on the lifecycle cost of utility-scale solar has intensified. From development through to operations and maintenance (O&M), it is widely accepted that the industry needs to embrace digitalisation and technology to increase efficiency and automation across all stages of the asset’s life” – we can read in the introduction of the “O&M and Asset Management 2.0: optimising the sector through digitalisation” article.


The European Union member states are obligated to increase electricity generated by renewable resources to meet the 2030 climate targets. One of the most ecological and economical solutions is improving the actual performance of existing renewable assets and reducing their operational costs.


This is possible thanks to digitalization techniques, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Mining, drone operations, and robotics, that allows us to convert the immense amount of data generated by the PV power into valuable information. And the information collected by digital tools enables us to make optimized operational decisions.


One of the ways that SolarPower Europe helps UE member states to achieve the 2030 climate targets is development of the Solar Monitoring Best Practices Mark, O&M Best Practices Mark and O&M and Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines. The Marks help identify companies that provide the highest-quality, reliable services, while guidelines set new rules and regulations standardising the procedures worldwide.


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pv om and asset management 2.0 optimising through digitalisation