Why digital strategies are essential [2/3]

Recent times verified the importance of digitalization. Exploiting software that helps improve business interactions, speed, agility, and efficient scalability is a necessity at the time being. It is a long-term investment for business value that helps simplify...

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Digital transformation of renewable energy [1/3]

The global consumption of energy is growing and it will continue in the next years. Currently, renewables are exposed to new risks from Covid-19, that cause delays in project deployments. Nevertheless, in contrast to fossil fuels that experienced the giant collapse...

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5 reasons why centralizing real time monitoring is essential

1. Is your portfolio growing in a way that is making you uneasy?   2. Do you have various monitoring platforms collecting data from your portfolio?  3. Does your team have to spend hours logging into the different platforms working extensively on consolidating...

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Contractual Compliance

  Are you still using multiple platforms for monitoring, maintenance and asset management of your portfolio? If so, then it’s time to think about consolidating everything into one powerful solution.   ACTIS is a fully integrated business management software...

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Integrated Monitoring and Customization of ACTIS portal

  Do you have to manage different monitoring platforms in your portfolio? Not anymore! ACTIS can be integrated with different monitoring platforms and provide you with one unified monitoring solution. And as if this was not enough you can also manage all your...

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ACTIS - Renewables’ Enterprise Resources Planning Platform